Gökçe Tercioğlu

Originals Turkish marble art

Gökçe [Danish pronunciation: Gøkche] is a Turkish name that means “sky blue”. Blue has held spiritual significance in many cultures throughout human history. As my love and deeper journey with my art began with the color blue, it resonated a lot with me to keep it as a part of my studio name.

I was in 2nd grade when I won my first art competition for being the only kid who drew a car with perspective. Although art has always been a part of my life, the day I met my teacher who taught me Ebru (the Turkish art of marbling) my relationship with art changed completely. I found freedom in expressing myself. His innovative approaches and not being bound by the rules immediately caught my attention. As someone who is hyperactive and quirky, I fell in love with his response to my “Can I do this?” questions: “Try and see, you can do whatever your imagination allows you to”

Shortly after I started Ebru, my mom encouraged me to exhibit my work. I told her I was in doubt anyone would want to see a 15-year-old’s paintings. In response, she got all my work framed and hung it all over our home, invited all her friends, and held an exhibition in our home. Her response to my attitude was another big step further with my art. Her friends’ enthusiasm and my mom’s never-ending encouragement continue to give me a lot of motivation.

In my artworks, I am keeping a 500-year-old traditional Turkish art technique alive whilst finding new approaches and doing the undone. I focus on achieving outcomes other than the conventional. I love to create an illusion of depth and 3D motifs in my paintings. As someone who grew up in 8 countries and with international surroundings, I don’t feel tied to one particular place or culture, instead, I resonate with bits and pieces from all over the world. So in my art, I find myself connecting with my roots. I find joy in the exchange of culture and taking part in gaining recognition for an intangible cultural heritage from Turkey.

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Gökçe Tercioğlu
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