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Posters and Portals is a online store with base in Denmark, offering handpicked art prints and photography posters from a collective of artists around the world that work with passion and love.

About posters and portals


The concept is crafted based on the interplay of two geometric shapes: The rectangle symbolizes the outline of a physical print, embodying the essence of a material poster. On the other hand, the circle serves as an abstract representation of a dimensional portal, akin to a Stargate.


The idea originated years ago shifting through a vast collection of images on the hard drives. Being both artists working on different mediums, we felt compelled to share them with a discerning audience that could appreciate a unique and original perspective.

“As art lovers, who value collecting posters as a visual inspiration, we’ve gathered quite a few posters from fine art galleries to other artists over the years. Whenever looking at them, they always take our mind to different places, which is why we consider them a way of escaping to remote locations.”


The unwavering commitment is to prioritize the environment. We opt to postpone shipping by a few days, enabling us to employ a stress-free, print-on-demand process. Utilizing exclusively certified FSC®, paper sourced from sustainable forests, our posters are 100% disposable. 

“We consistently believed that the beauty of photography should be appreciated not merely through the confines of a small screen but rather experienced in every aspect of our surroundings.”

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